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  Wireline, conventional or geo barrel coring systems

▪  Dual tube and triple tube systems for continuous cores
   with cased holes

 Various core sizes including BQ(1.32), NQ(1.77),
(2.41), and PQ(3.27)

 Drilling Fluid systems to improve core recovery and
   sample integrity

▪  Available on any platform
            -Over water
▪  Top head drill rigs

Strokes range from 6-22 feet

Equipped with hydraulic make and brake system
            -Allows pre-tightening of drill rods and easier


Pitcher Barrel Sampler

▪  Discrete depth sampler

▪  Spring-loaded mechanism (tube stays extended in soft soils and pushes back into the cutter barrel in hard soils)

▪  3" and 6" diameter samplers

This Pitcher barrel sampler combines a thin-walled tube (protruding out the bottom) with the ability for overcoring (see cutter teeth near the tube bottom). The tube is on a spring-loaded mechanism that will compress if hard soils are encountered. The tube stays extended in soft soils, but is pushed back into the cutter barrel in hard soils. In hard soils, the cutter advances the hole and the tube is protected against buckling

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Geobarrel System

▪  Geo-Barrel is capable of routinely
    recovering delicate overburden

  Large diameter system has ability to
    push a standard 2-inch Shelby Tube

Dual Tube System
n   Components of a typical dual tube system:

  - Split Barrel
  - Outer Barrel



Triple Tube System

Components of a typical triple tube system:

       - Overshot system

       - Double bearing head assembly

       - Inner tube and split barrel

       - Outer tube (core barrel)



n  Large tooth custom, shop built, Carbide Bit
       - Designed for very soft formations when soil
  Step Faced Carbide Bit
       - Designed for soft formations

 Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) Bit
        - Designed for soft to medium-hard
          homogeneous sedimentary formations
▪  Impregnated Diamond Core Bit
     - Designed for hard rock formations

Drilling Fluid Systems

Proper make-up of drilling fluid is essential to borehole stability and advancement

  Drilling fluids are recycled for downhole

 Reduces the amount of mud required to
   complete a boring

  Complete mud recycling systems improve
   core recovery and sample integrity




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